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  • Ready to use google Ad
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  • Manage customers & team
  • Manage Referral partners

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  • Login with multiple banks

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After launching more than 100 of loan website and generating 1000s of leads daily for the past 3 years, we decided to bring all our knowledge into one simple tool.


Anand Kumar, Gopal Dhar & Tarun Kumar - Connectabank , Lips, Rupeetalk - cofounders

Its easy, its quick!

Setting online lead generation business is very complex, but not with us. We created a fully automated tool for businesses willing to get more visitors through loan comparison website.

Just fill few information and be ready to launch your website instantly. Also, get a free Google Adwords account with pre-set campaigns for Personal Loan, Home Loan, Loan Against Property, Business Loan, Car Loan & Credit Cards. Reach out to people who are looking for your services or products.

  • Launch website Build your own responsive website and capture customer deatisl through sign-up forms
  • Digital marketing Free Google Adwords set up for showing your ads on google searches. Exclusive customers
  • Manage CRM - Best in class loan lead management system for you and your team. Increase lead conversion

3 easy steps...

  • Step 1

    Choose domain name select a sub-domain or domain name for your website
  • Step 2

    Choose a loan template Select one template & tick multiple loan products you want to deal with
  • Step 3

    Launch your website Launch best in class loan comparison website for exclusive lead generation

Fynmate google ads Fynmate google ads

Stop wasting money

No need to be dependent on lead buying. Launch your own world class dynamic & responsive website with optimized pages.

No need for expensive agencies or marketing consultants to make advanced ad structures for your search campaigns anymore.

Fynmate brings you ready to use extremely customized loan website and creates unbeatable ads campaigns on Googel Adwords. You only pay Google for customers you receive.

Fynmate google premium partner

Google will match the amount you spend up to ?1000. Avail now!

Fynmate Technology

Fynmate is a fully automated & pre-defined Google Ads optimizer for any kind of loan lead generation business


Share your "Domain name" details with us and we will host your website

Ready to use PL, HL, LAP, BL, CC & CL landing pages


Google best-practice ads creation at scale within a few minutes

Smart keyword research and generation to prevent waste of money


Fully automated ad management to improve campaign performances

Best quality Exclusive Loan leads with Location based targeting


Follow your Lead performances at any time on your dashboard

Manage Customer, Manage Team, Manage Banks, Improve Conversion

Frequently Asked Questions

To register, please fill up the registration form above. We will respond to you within a few hours.

Fynmate does not charge DSA anything for leads. Also the marketing charge is limited to the amount that DSAs pay to Google for online leads. Leads generated offline come to you free of any cost. The amount paid to Google depends on the scale of the campaign that you run on Fynmate. For more information see the pricing.

The leads are generated through dedicated website for you real time with the help of campaigns on Google Adwords which we setup for FREE. So if a potential customer visits your website at 10.20 pm and applies for a loan as a part of your campaign, you get the lead on your website based exclusive Lead Management System (CRM) at 10.20 pm itself. You also get a simultaneous sms to the registered mobile number and an e-mail.

If you do not trust the exclusivity of leads bought from online websites than you do need your own dedicated website to generate leads via online marketing campaigns

As of now, you can get leads for home loan, loan against property, personal loans, business loans and car loan. We will be adding other segments shortly.

It depends on the team size and fulfillment capacity that you have and the category you are targeting. While the DSA onboarding team at Fynmate will advise you on the ideal campaign size, the final decision will always be yours.

With your leads, DSAs get a web based lead management and team management CRM from Fynmate for free. Fynmate is also in the process of giving out a handheld based app which would automate the sales process for multiple banks and multiple products.

Yes, you can target specific cities if you have lead conversion teams in these cities. You can also target specific areas in cities so that your campaign will only generate leads from the areas you target.

The basic plan of Fynmate is FREE for the life time. Basic plan includes website hosted on sub-domain, lead management system, CRM and Google Adwords with pre-set campaigns ( tried and tested over last 7 years). For more information refer to pricing details above.

Yes. There is no fee that Fynmate charges if the loans are logged in through the Fynmate codes. Payment is credited to DSA on the same day that Fynmate receives the payment. We offer codes across 13 banks and NBFCs. For details of the payout you can write a mail to tarun@fynmate.com

For any query, mail us on: tarun@fynmate.com

All you want to Know About Loan Leads?

Good quality loan leads can be generated from dynamic fully functional loan comparison website. Any static website offered by hundereds of web developers at cheap rates/ throw away price leads to wastage of money. People with ZERO knowledge of product development claims to offers loan lead solutions.

Key factors for loan lead generations are:

Why you should not Buy Loan Leads?

  • Wrong customer information , mostly junk leads
  • Same leads are shared with 5-7 Partners/banks
  • No authenticity of loan leads
  • Leads generated through cold calling
  • Lead Conversion is leass than 1%
  • Customers gets irritated because of multiple calls
  • Customers do not respond to calls

Why you should generate your own Loan Leads?

  • Talk to Genuine customers
  • Exclusive Loan Leads. No Sharing.
  • Manage customers effectively. No multiple calls.
  • High rate of conversion. 10-20% conversion.
  • Best quality loan customers
  • You are independant & manage your advertisements

Different Features of Loan Leads

  • Verified Exclusive & Confirmed lead
  • Multiple Loan Product Across India
  • Loan Leads: Personal loan, Auto Loan, Home Loan, Loan Against Property, Business Loan, Credit Card

Digital / Online Loan Lead generation in India

  • Launch a Website - Build your own responsive website and capture customer deatisl through sign-up forms, optimizing all your landing pages so that your pages rank higher in searches as well as capture leads through application forms, and running your social media pages.
  • Digital marketing - Run (Pay Per Click) ads through Google adwords campaigns(as top search results, on their partner website through adsense, promote your searches on YouTube). There is a correlation between google adcampaigns, keywords & the landing page. Built campaign across social media platform including Facebook, Twitter & Whatsapp. Reach out to potential customers through various Ad campaigns.
  • Buy leads from online loan marketplaces - Top loan comparison websites like Bankbazaar , Paisabazaar & Rupeepower only provide leads to NBFCs / Banks. Whereas lead quality of apnapasisa , leadsquared, sulekha, justdial, etc are of nouse as the quality is not decent. Fynmate is the best option available for any type of lead generations i.e. Home Loan Lead, LAP lead, Personal Loan Lead, Car Loan Lead, Business Loan Lead, Credit card Lead, etc.

Loan Lead Generation Services Available with Fynmate

Here are the various loan lead generation and lead management options available in India. You can select the loan type on the basis of your requirement ,budget, need for quality lead and banks tie up you have along with approval criteria. Read below the details and select best llead generation option for you. Fynmate offers excellent cost effective technological solutions for generation of home loan lead, personal loan lead, business loan lead , LAP lead, car loan lead and credit card leads.

Lead TypeFeaturesBanks EligibilityExpected Lead Cost via Google Adwords
Home Loan LeadLoan Comparison Website, CRM to Manage Lead, Integrated Ad Campaigns 17 Banks / NBFCs 90 - 110
Personal Loan LeadLoan Comparison Website, CRM to Manage Lead, Integrated Ad Campaigns 12 Banks / NBFCs 75 - 90
Loan Against Property LeadLoan Comparison Website, CRM to Manage Lead, Integrated Ad Campaigns 15 Banks / NBFCs 100 - 125
Business Loan LeadLoan Comparison Website, CRM to Manage Lead, Integrated Ad Campaigns 8 Banks / NBFCs 120 - 130
Credit Card LeadLoan Comparison Website, CRM to Manage Lead, Integrated Ad Campaigns 15 Banks / NBFCs 75 - 90